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Presented in Autumn 2020 The Future Project brought together voices of South London in a large scale sound installation imagining our shared future. Asking the local community to respond to the question “What are your hopes for the future?”

How do you imagine the future? As a better, happier place? Jetpack and holograms? Or something altogether different? The Future Project asks us to look beyond 2020 and consider our place in the world and how we might come together as a community to look forward.

The Future Project combines audio & visual technologies with auto-composition techniques to generate a collage of voices and text in a constantly shifting, atmospheric environment.


Visit Streatham Space Project for more information.


Found Sound is an auto-generative art work which uses audio from the Coventry Cathedral archive to create an ever-changing composition. 


In 2019 members of the public were able to access the medieval crypt at Coventry Cathedral as part of the opening weekend for Coventry Heritage Open Days. This event showcased the Cathedral's archive and invited passers-by to enter this historic venue from unusual perspective, underneath the famous ruins.

In 2020, in partnership with Coventry Creates, an online version of this installation was created which can be accessed here.

Created with Jonny Heron, James Ball & Nomi Everall


Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 12.04.46.png

Found Sound x Cycling is part of a series of auto-generative art works by Kieran Lucas and Jonathan Heron in collaboration with James Ball.


Found Sound x Cycling uses audio from the National Cycle Archive at the Modern Records Centre to create an ever-changing composition which has been generated using Euclidean sequences which mimic the ratios found on a bicycle cassette, thus creating a sense of propulsion and rhythm mimicking the sensation of riding a bicycle. This project has been funded by the Centre for Digital Inquiry at the University of Warwick.

The online installation can be accessed here.

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